Who Remembers The Janitor From High School?

Junior or middle school, maybe you don’t have close recollections of the school janitor. Maybe most of your spare time was spent being too busy on the playground for you to have noticed. But at high school, you may have noticed just how clean and gleaming your hallway floors were always when you arrived in the morning to get your books ready for the first class period. And after taking your first bathroom pass, peace and quiet for a few minutes on your own perhaps, you would have noticed just how clean the bathroom and locker rooms were.

Certainly after school when you were getting ready for your first ball practice of the afternoon. And when it looked like the classroom’s ceiling was just about ready to cave in, who was the first person your class teacher called for help. Most of the time, the school was safe and sound in the evening. After the hallways were cleaned, all doors and gates were securely locked by the janitor. He was always the last to leave and the first to arrive the next morning.

How things have changed today. Janitors have moved on too. The janitorial services jacksonville beach fl business has branched off into office parks and apartment complexes. And the janitors on the shift teams are doing a lot more than just cleaning the floors and bathrooms and changing the odd lightbulb here and there. They’re fixing up the place! And they’ve even gone green. Well, some of them have.

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It’s only a matter of time before the rest of them catch on. And maybe the janitorial business should be summoned by school boards to see what they can do to rescue some of those public schools that have deteriorated quite badly.