An Eco-Friendly Burial

green burial montpelier vt

Never mind your city or state, it’s happening all over the world. The graveyards are filling up at alarming rates. Quite literally, the bodies are piling up. This can be explained. Perhaps it does not happen on your side but there are cases where existing plots have been erroneously or deliberately re-used. Fortunately enough, it does not happen at privately run or funded graveyards. Speaking of which, your green burial montpelier vt grounds could be privately run.

But why green? And how so that it is now an ‘eco-friendly’ burial, as this article’s headline so clearly stated. Would it not be nice to be buried under an ancient old oak or fir tree instead of being squashed into a derelict and badly run graveyard? Would it not be nice to be buried in a peaceful and tranquil spot where the only sounds you’ll ever hear are the birds above in the trees and the nearby gentle gushing of a cool stream.

Some people reading this right now may suggest this. Why not just go in for a cremation? For mainly religious reasons, a lot of people will be avoiding this. There are also those who may harbor unfounded superstitions. But to all intents and purposes, a cremation has been a very practical alternative to the cumbersome, tireless, emotionally draining and inconvenient burial rituals that have been the convention for so many years.

Those who prefer the cremation can still enjoy the tranquil natural surroundings. Let it be stipulated quite clearly that this is how you would finally like to be laid to rest. And with that being said, there is still the gentle stream down below. Or the roaring thunder of the ocean’s waves. That’s the thing about the cremation ritual. Those loved ones left behind always travel to the water’s edge to say goodbye.