Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sky Force Reloaded : Hot Shooting Game Is Back

Are you a fan of shooting game, when we traced back in the past you can think of the famous game titled Galaga and Twin Bee and many other cute shooting game of the 80s. Through these video games the way to create a great shooting game has been continually very engaging.

We love video game that lets you drive a fighter jet and shoot your way to beat the big boss in the game. Of course you will not just the one to destroy the hard boss you must also stay alive to make your way to great rewards and to avail great weapons for great damage. You will be given a turret gun which can be upgraded with fire power which is dropped from killing your enemies in the path.

Now 2018 has come for us to continue to play video game with concept from the past and have been enhanced even now. If you are a fan of Sky Force, you can play once more Sky Force Reloaded from Infinite Dream’s is ready to fly waiting for a gamer like you, with great ideas and to make video game on air.

Although the game has no story to follow, in the game, you will be playing as one of the great pilots. Although there is a background in the game, an evil general named Scarlet which create chaos in the whole universe, and it is your duty to stop her at all cost. Sadly, even though your main objective is to destroy the mothership of the enemy but you are in defenseless mode.  Fortunately, your head office has provided you with advance spaceship, a spaceship which you have use from the start.

Right now, you are playing in the game via different levels which gives you stars, medal and new ships so that you may give your ship great rearm to beat Scarlet. Although there some dialogue which can be seen in the flow of the game.

Sky Force Reloaded shows 15 wonderful levels for you to fly to challenge difficult spaceship and as the level goes up the more the difficult level increases. If you are a fan of Sky Force then it is time download the game. Experience new game this 2018 playing great shooting concept.

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