Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Assault Android Cactus: Shooting Fun on Xbox One X – Great Shooting Experience

The game was available on PC since it was released two years ago and also can be played o PS4, however if you are an Xbox fans you might came across with a video game Assault Android Cactus. This kind of video game is a twin-stick shooter by which you gain control of one of available assault android to destroy anything on screen that are moving, it spawn itself and a simply a cult for everyone to stick because it is very entertaining. Nonetheless, this is occurs with the launch of the new Xbox One X, it is here at last on a very popular Microsoft’s console platform.

Of course for gamers, this has no value to you as long as you will enjoy the game. There are plenty of great video games available before year 2018 has come and they are so many that you will have difficult time to chose one because of its wonderful appeal. The reason for Assault Android Cactus so wonderful is the idea that is very great video game and you will have fun each time you play. In case this is your first time to take hold of Xbox One X, it has native 4K rendering and 60 fps gameplay and because of that you will have great time to enjoy the game.

The main thrust of Assault Android Cactus is to deal 25 stages, you can fight your way through with the help of other player in local co-op or you can play alone solo.  The stages are called arenas instead of levels it is place where you will have to go through for advancement. The enemy will come in great number and you have to perfectly eliminate each one of them. Even in doing so you will be given extra power to power up your guns. Make sure to avoid any enemy projectiles so that your android will not power down.

With the idea of staying alive to fight horde of enemies, your progress in the game will vary on charging your battery which is utilize by all players, until all enemy in all stages will be wipe out. As you lose some power of the battery, it will recharge over a period of time and by defeating enemies you will get drops of helpful recharge to fight back your tough opponents.

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