Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Apollo Justice:Ace Attorney - New Story

Ace Attorney video game is very popular series and now they have created Apollo Justice which features new main character in place of Phoenix Wright now that we already know that final story of the main trilogy. To commemorate its greatness after 10 years in Japan, Apollo Justice has now arrived and can be played on 3DS re-edition. Although there is a bit comparison to the version in the mobile platform in the past, nonetheless 3DS edition shows potential to give us a unique entertainment from its original concept and fans accepted the game and like it.

Few years goes by, right after the finale of the Phoenix’s story, we now have a new lawyer who will defend the clients named by Apollo which has good education background and now started to do his work. The good thing about the introduction in the game is the story by which Apollo’s client is our favorite guy Phoenix Wright, who stops working for reason we don’t really understand. It begins with Apollo dig down to the deepest case of Phoenix to find out if he is a murderer or the crime he was accused.

In the beginning of the story most likely showcases the players to basic mechanics, and followed a situation by which three more cases to reveal the truth of each difficult cases to win. The game feature a combination of wonderful novel concept, with much focus on the plot and plenty of remarkable conversation, couple with a great investigation pattern with puzzle which involve as well with clue finding and asking people to connect the dots.

The primary focus of the game to make the progress of the case involves with the character discovering different spot to look for materials and ask different people who are more likely involve in cases. The game feature the main character roaming around in order to examine the environment to search for hint and to have the case won after those things prepared for the case. If you are a fan of Ace Attorney video game, try the latest Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney in 3Ds.

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